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In 2013 Ranfer Group, the company of Sri Lanka started to product a new line of food products that intended to be imported only to Russia and the CIS countries.

In market appeared the real Ceylon tea under the brand name “Susan” in 2014.

The nature of Sri Lanka gave people a place where all the conditions for the cultivation of tea of the highest category exist in perfect balance. Here there is a constant year-round temperature, sufficient humidity and optimal soil composition which is suitable for the growth of tea. It is in these conditions «SUSAN» teas are grown.

«SUSAN» tea is a first-class tea, collected from the fields of Ceylon and packed in Sri Lanka. It is a tea with excellent taste and an invigorating aroma which will give you a good mood for the whole day.

The technological aspects of production are eco-friendly and simple: manual harvesting, fermentation in natural conditions, twisting of tea leaves, hot-air drying, sorting and packing. «SUSAN» tea is packed directly at the place of production in foil packaging so that its properties and unique taste palette is preserved during transport.

Continuous monitoring at all stages of production, from the birth of tea leaves to packaging only in accordance with international standards and the continuous search for ways to improve the efficiency of our customer service – these are the main principles of our work!

We hope for your interest in our products and we shall be glad to work together!

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