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Susan tea OP1

Susan tea OP1

Вес: 400 г

ОР1 (Orange Pekoe) tea is a noble variety, for which large, elongated leaves which are twisted and come to a point are used. The numeral 1 used in it's marking signifies the high quality of the beverage. The twisting of the leaves of this tea variety is conducted with special care which contributes to it's distinguished uniform shape.

Orange Pekoe Tea 1 is a vibrant red-brown color when brewed and it's aroma is a pleasant combination of soft florals and spiced notes. The taste of this tea is bright and tart, with a bitterness which connoisseurs can expect to find in classic black tea varieties of the highest quality.

This beverage has a light toning effect due to the fact that the caffeine content is lower in grown leaves than in the tips and young leaves of FBOP.

Recommended brewing time — 2 - 4 minutes.