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Susan tea F.B.O.P.F with bergamot

Susan tea F.B.O.P.F with bergamot

Вес: 100 г

F.B.O.P.F (Finest Broken Orange Pekoe Flowery) with bergamot is an elite black tea variety with the addition of bergamot oil.

F.B.O.P.F tea is made of the smallest leaves and a small amount of unfurled leaf buds (tips), due to which the tea has a pleasant tartness and a good toning effect. This tea variety is best suited to be paired with bergamot oil – the aroma and taste of both components enrich and complete one another.

Bergamot is a plant of the citrus family. It grows in the Italian province in Calabria , and its outward appearance is similar to the lemon tree. The name «Bergamot» is consonant with the name of the city of Bergamo, the place where the medicinal properties of this plant are considered to have first become known.

The aroma of bergamot oil is full and invigorating, with floral and citrus notes. It has the properties of an aphrodisiac. It strengthens the immune system, stimulates brain activity, and has antiseptic qualities.

Black Ceylon tea with bergamot is a classic tea flavored with bergamot oil, which received world-wide recognition in the XIX century, thanks to the English diplomat, Charles Grey.

This tea brews quickly. The recommended brewing time is 2-4 minutes.