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Susan tea Buket

Susan tea Buket

Вес: 900 г

The Buket series is created from the OPA (Orange Pekoe A) tea variety — in this collection, larger and firmer tea leaves than the Orange Peko sort are used.

The word orange in our case has no connection either to oranges or to the color orange. This is the Anglicanized pronunciation of the title of the dynasty of the Princes of Orange (Prins van Oranje in Dutch), the hereditary stadtholders , and subsequent kings of the Netherlands. This Dutch family was the largest supplier of tea in the XVI century, presenting only the best tea varieties to the royal court. The word orange in tea names shows that we are talking about tea of the highest quality, tea that is «presented to the royal court» and tea that is «worthy of the Prince of Orange.»

Orange Pekoe A has a light floral aroma. The beverage attains an orange-red hue of medium intensity. The tea has a slight toning effect and is a perfect daytime tea.

The tea has a slight toning effect and is wonderfully suited for a daytime tea due to the low caffeine content in its leaves. The concentration is lower than what is found in the tips and young leaves of the FBOP variety.

Recommended brewing time is 3-6 minutes.